9 days     £1099

Sat 12th – Sun 20th May 2018

Single Supplement £250

Corsica is said to have 300 days of sunshine per year. Beaches of white sand, crystal clear waters, green forests, clear lakes, rivers and waterfalls and stunning coastlines make Corsica the most luxurious of the Mediterranean islands.

Travel in sheer comfort every inch of the way past splendid scenery, a millennium of history and magnificent towns & cities.

Day 1: Within 30 miles the journey begins. Your luggage is stowed and will only need to be reclaimed at the hotel. We travel firstly to the Eurotunnel where passport control usually takes 5 minutes.
The journey continues via Picardy, Reims the city of coronations and Champagne Region for our first night in Troyes for dinner bed and breakfast.

Day 2: Our route takes us quickly over the main watershed of Western Europe (the Channel/Atlantic and the Mediterranean) to follow the Saõne Valley alongside the peaks of Beaujoulais to the vast city of Lyons. As we pass through the centre we cross the confluence of the Rhone and Saõne, an awesome sight, and then join the Autoroute de Soleil. Views of the Massif Central soon loom up to the west and to the east are the distant snow covered Alps.
We shall have a break in the historic and picturesque city of Orange (Provence). Rejoining the Autoroute we arrive at Toulons early evening. This port is a superb setting where we join the luxurious ferry for the overnight sailing to Corsica. Outside cabins and breakfast are included.

Day 3: On arrival at Bastia our journey down the east coast give us an arrival at Hotel Costa Salina, Porto Vecchio, approximately late morning.

Day 4: at your leisure

Day 5: Leisurely excursion south to Bonifacio. This medieval town has much to explore and the grotto boat cruise is a never to be forgotten experience.

Day 6: Another leisurely excursion into the mountains of Cagna and to the west coast to Sartène. The Lion Rock is a wonderful natural phenomenon.

Day 7: Depart late morning to allow time in Bastia before rejoining the ferry to Toulons.

Day 8: We retrace our outward journey but will have time in the floral town of Baune.

Day 9: Return to the Midlands

Our coach is renowned for its comfort, hot and cold drinks are available on board but we aim to stop approximately every 3 hours. The enables you to 'stretch your legs' or maybe have a 'patissiere'.

All for just £1,099.
Single supplement £250

Telephone 01299 402989 if you are interested in booking.