7 days £1210

Sun 26th July – Sat 1st August 2020

Single Supplement £180


The little town of Oberammergau is world famous because of the Passion Play which has been performed by the locals every 10 years since 1634. It is an outstanding cultural event which captivates pilgrims from all over the globe. The area is also famous for its woodcarvings and many houses have frescoes on the external walls. As well as 2 nights accommodation in the town and 2 nights overnight at the Ramada Hotel, Bruhl, we will also be staying 2 nights at the Hotel Bruckenwirt in St Johann im Pongau on the edge of the Austrian Tyrol. The tour also includes a tour across the Grossglockner Pass which ascends to over 8,000ft. Due to the huge World wide demand for tickets a holding deposit of £500 per person is required, followed by stage payments between your booking and July 2020. Half board accommodation is provided throughout and there will be NO overnight travel. Channel crossing is via the Eurotunnel.    


Provisional Itinerary:

Sunday:           Early morning departure from the Midlands, via Eurotunnel to Bruhl for our overnight Stop.

Monday:          Continue to Oberammergau, arriving mid-afternoon.

Tuesday:         Passion Play.

Wednesday:     Late morning departure from Oberammergau, travelling via Salzburg where there will be a two hour break. Arrive at Hotel Bruckenwirt late afternoon.

Thursday:        Alpine excursion over the Grossglockner Pass.

Friday:            Return to Bruhl for overnight stop.

Saturday:        Return to the Midlands via Eurotunnel.

Please note that Brexit will not affect this tour running. We hold an International Operating Licence which entitles our coach to be driven in all European countries. This licence is bilaterally agreed between participating countries and is not issued by the European Union.



Five things you should know about Oberammergau:

1. The 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play
On 16th May 2020, the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play season
will commence, with 102 performances scheduled. The first Passion
Play was performed in 1634 following a vow made to God the previous
year. The village was in the grips of the plague and the locals vowed
to perform this act of worship every 10 years if they were spared.
With the odd deviation for anniversary performances or during war,
Oberammergau has kept this vow.

2. A Village Affair
The Passion Play completely takes over the town of Oberammergau and
the locals even count in Passion Plays – they may ask one another,
“When did you get married? Was it before or after the last Passion
Play?”. It really sculpts local life. But not everyone can participate. The
play is for locals and to have a role you must either have been born in
Oberammergau or have lived there for 20 years. Over 2,000 local
amateur actors partake, which shows the keen interest in the tradition.

3. There are Two Jesuses
The most prestigious role is Jesus, but also the most demanding. Two
actors share this role. In 2020 the role will be shared by Rochus Ruckel,
a 22 year old student, and Frederik Meyet who also played Jesus in
2010. Meyet has previously held the role of John and works in theatre
administration, so can be considered a true devotee of the Play. Along
with Jesus, Mary and the disciples, there are 120 major and minor
speaking roles.
Next year the Bavarian town of Oberammergau will take to the stage once again to perform their religious spectacular. The
result of a solemn vow and a sincere act of devotion, Oberammergau is the world’s most famous Passion Play and a bucketlist
event for Christians around the globe.
As the 42nd Oberammergau Passion Play season approaches in 2020, Greatdays have collected together five fascinating
facts to offer you a little more insight into this sell out event.

4. A Hairy Matter
While Jesus may take the limelight, the most applied for role is actually
that of the Roman soldiers. This may be somewhat surprising, however
the reason comes down to facial hair. The Roman soldiers are clean
shaven while all other adult men in the Play must grow their hair and
beards from Ash Wednesday this year! You might not want to spend 18
months with long hair and a beard, it may be inconvenient for your job,
or your wife might not let you. If this is you, your dream role might be
the short haired and clean shaven Roman Soldier.

5. The Theatre
The Passion Play Theatre itself is a remarkable building, purpose
built for the event. It’s open air and performances use the change in
natural lighting to build the atmosphere. Comprising 4,500 seats, this
is the world’s largest open-air theatre with a roofed auditorium. The
audience therefore is sheltered from the rain and underfloor heating
keeps them cosy